Super Mario Portal - And It’s Real

This has been circulating the internet the past couple of days so you have probably seen this posted a thousand times already. But, I thought I would share for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

Oh, yes. It’s real.

Holy fucking shit!

Annoying as hell.

When someone tells you to get a job, even when you’re trying and they know you’re trying, its so fucking annoying.

Example as it happens 20 minutes ago:

Person: Why don’t you get a job?

Me: I am.

Person: Then do it.

Me: …Wow, GTFO my case, you know how hard it is to get a fucking job with the shit economy? Its not easy and I am trying, now STFU and stop telling to get a job.

Person: …

Mother figure: Hey, why don’t you get a job so you can pay for shit

Me:… Fuck you. 

Everybody loves Freddie Wong.

Future of gaming is here!

Cute ;) Buy these for girls.

Cute ;) Buy these for girls.